I actually purchased 2 sets (4 speakers for $64 total). Very inexpensive, well made, handsome speakers. I won't be able to verify the Max ability rating of 800 m (and the RMS score is not a where to be found [shame on you EMPLOYER! ]) unless My spouse and i throw an oscilloscope on it to check. Magnets appear to be in the 80 ounce range, although again there is no spec (the greater the magnet, the better bass efficiency you will get), and are booted in rubber to protect them from being cracked/chipped. The efficiency rating is very good at 78 dB (the higher the number the louder the speaker). I use KnuKoncepts 10 gauge speaker line (14. 5' runs) from a 4-channel, true 600/1, two hundred watt RMS/max amplifier. I take advantage of these speakers in bins mounted externally in your bed of a pick up truck, and pull them inside when not utilized or raining. As the idea is for outside audio, I want them to be NOISY.

The interconnection wires (hair thin, 28 gauge? ) that include these speakers -MUST- be thrown away (utter garbage you will use on a 10 watt speaker), but first ensure you purchase matching slip-on connectors to make your own wiring (and yes, believe it or not, I use 10 gauge wire inside the speaker boxes for this also). The point is to deliver as much power from the amp as near the actual cones as possible... which means right up to the slip-on fittings of the speakers themselves.

Quite part to keep in mind is always match your speakers to your accroître; in fact your loudspeakers should be rated a little higher than the amp can deliver (RMS/Max). These are generally rated at 800 watts Max each, so if you calculate at 1/3 for RMS, that still makes them 266. 66 watts RMS each. But let's say they lied, and the 800 Max is the ranking for 2 speakers, then you should still wind-up having an RMS of around 133. 33 watts. In my case that works out fine, because my amp is rated at 150 watts RMS every channel (300 Max) as configured. Once you again the amp down (roughly 12. 5% or 1/8 of the way) to negate clipping, you'd wind-up with an output on each channel of 131. 25 watts RMS. A near-perfect match. Time will tell how these withstand.
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